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What Is Psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy uses person-centred counselling skills as well as theories of the human condition to deepen understanding of aspects of the internal, emotional world. It values the connections between our early experiences and the patterns that we continue to repeat in our present lives. Some of these childhood blueprints can be helpful and instructive as we grow. However, others can be unhelpful and obstructive to personal and professional development. These patterns of thought and behaviour, especially if they are not recognised and understood, can leave us feeling stuck, dissatisfied and discontented. Relationships with family, friends, colleagues and others with whom we share our lives can be affected. 

Psychodynamic psychotherapy offers the opportunity to understand your past, acknowledge the inevitable pain we all carry and to find adaptive, healthier ways to grow and evolve in the present and into your future. This happens through the progressive engagement with your own emotional world and a growing self-awareness.


Thinking psychodynamically about yourself can bring up painful memories, feelings or thoughts. These can be thought about and understood together, in the hope that you will grow from the self-knowledge that can emerge.


If you did wish to consider whether psychodynamic psychotherapy may be helpful to you at this time, you are invited to get in touch with me via the Contact tab. I will respond to you as soon as I am able to, so that we can arrange a mutually-convenient time to speak. At this encounter, you are free to tell me more about what brings you to therapy. I am likely to ask some questions that would help me understand more of your current situation as well as your family history and significant times in your life. We can talk more about my fees and other aspects of the therapy.


There is no pressure to commit to therapy even after the initial consultation. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe enough with me and the therapy space to continue. If you do decide that you wish to begin in therapy, we would agree on a regular time and day to meet.

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