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Ganapathy Therapy Room (LB)_edited_edite
The Therapeutic Space

At Ganapathy Therapy, it matters that you feel you are in a safe, non-judgemental, compassionate and creative space. A space in which you can reach a deeper appreciation of both your psychological struggles and your own capacity to heal and grow from these experiences.

I appreciate it is a big decision to enter into therapy and you may feel daunted about taking the next step. If, following our initial meeting, you wish to begin therapy together, we would agree to meeting every week at the same time at the same place. The therapy would be open-ended and usually – but not always – long-term. Ideally, we would have time to work towards a mutually-agreed ending. 

I work by facilitating an exploration of some of the psychological barriers to you living your most authentic and meaningful life. Coming to know yourself through the gradually emerging therapeutic relationship can  have profound and far-reaching effects both of yourself and your relationships. A deepening sense of connectedness and congruence can be enriching and enlivening at the most fundamental level. 
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